Friday, June 11, 2010

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The dangers of Table Salt
Salt is an all natural chemical compound that forms in oceans, seas, and lakes. The salt that most of us have on our kitchen counters and use in restaurants, is not so natural though. We have taken this mineral rich salt and turned into something something not so natural at all. table salt has been heated to 1200 degrees F, dividing and isolated the chemical bond between the sodium and chloride, making it a foreign substance to our bodies. Then you add the fact that it is chemically treated with anti-caking agents, fluorine and iodine which are extremely toxic. This salt causes our bodies to retain water, it  is detrimental to our liver, kidneys, bones, heart, muscles, and just puts your body out of balance. Luckily, sea salt is a simple way to still use salt and actually receive it's benefits.

The beauty of Sea Salt
Sea Salt is a simple way to improve your health because you don't have to change the way you use salt, just make a switch from the lovely chemical salt to an all natural one full of minerals. Himalayan sea salt is especially great because of it's extremely rich and unpolluted mineral content. Himalayan salt comes from the Pakistani, Himalayan Mountains and was created over 25o million years ago in the non-polluted, "primal sea." It contains all 84 of the electrolytic mineral found in the human body and the salt deposits are in a pristine environment that has not been subject to pollution. The salts in our bodies, which sea salt helps restore, carry the oxygen to our cells that help produce cellular energy. If you want to read more about it and an especially good brand go to....

Bleached and beautiful?
People love walking through a bakery and seeing the beautiful cakes or a candy store streamed with all kinds of sugary treats, but how beautiful is it really? Basically all of these foods are full of processed white sugar, which though this is better than High Fructose Corn terrible for our systems. This sugar which in its natural state is BROWN has been bleached with chlorine bleach, that has to be great for us right? I was in Costa Rica this past semester and got to watch sugar can grow all over and even got to help make some sugar cane juice. In Costa Rica with the abundance of sugar cane, people bought the natural state of sugar, which was actually these big brown square-ish shaped solids called tapa dulce.

It is funny because our brown sugar is actually not just this, but this processed down into white grains and then the juice or brown part that comes off is then placed back in the mix...I don't understand these extra steps at all, when you could have this in its natural form.
             Anyways, sugar in large quantities is not so great in general because it may lower our immune system, but we have been predisposed to crave it because it contains the most energy, so just make a better choice for sugar and try to decrease your consumption of it. Studies done with processed orange juice, processed honey, and the all glorious white sugar showed that it significantly lowers white blood cell count, decreasing immunity. This is because once heated, even orange juice and honey are like putting sugar straight into your body because it doesn't contain the life-giving substances which help natural sugar be metabolized and a lot of the vitamins and nutrients are destroyed. When you consume fresh fruits or raw honey you have vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids which helps your body with the digestion and absorption of sugar. So when you are just putting sugar straight in your body is having to create more energy to metabolize it and produce more insulin. More refined sugar has been placed in our diets....and what has been happening with diabetes rates?

Sugar in the Raw
Remember that brown goodness that I talked about from pressing sugar cane, well this is an actual result of that process, not 20 others including chemicals and fun bleaching agents. Now, this is still a heated sugar, but a much better choice over the white sugar, so if honey or stevia won't cut it for you, go for this choice!

I for one love stevia and it is a PLANT, how great. I actually had the chance to taste a leaf the other day and it was just delicious. I think I am definitely going to start growing it and putting it in my green smoothies, yum! Now, some people have a hard time with the flavor of stevia, but I suggest trying it and seeing for yourself! Make sure not to get the white kind because stevia is a green plant so in powdered form it should still be green!
Honey Honey, how IT thrills me, uhuh HONEY HONEY
I love honey, and talked about my excitement in finding a local raw honey, and i want you to also! You obviously want the honey raw so it can keep all of it's natural enzymes, bacteria fighting abilities, vitamins, and minerals. If it is local it will also be better when fighting the common cold or building up your resistance to the seasons flu's or infections because it will contain small amounts of these bacteria that will build your immunity against it. Local is also always better for ecological reasons. We don't want food that has been shipped all over the place. Honey provides you with energy, has antibacterial, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties, and tastes delicious. Honey may also help break down bread as it is being digested. So next time you want something a little sweeter use a local, raw honey! 

See how much simple changes can improve your health? It's not always about changing everything right away, but giving yourself time to adjust to thinking in a different way and slowly making choices that will improve your health. These are such simple ways to get some poisonous foods out of your diet, without even really thinking about it.

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