Friday, January 28, 2011

GM alfalfa...IMPORTANT

If you have no already joined the email list for Food Democracy Now! you may not know that there has been a lot of work going into stopping the government from allowing GM alfalfa to be unregulated as it would undermine organic farming and also cause so many other risks, which you may read about here, in an ARTICLE from Mike Adams at Natural News.

I highly recommend that you become educated on things such as this by joining the Food Democracy Now! team and reading yet another article shared on Natural News from Jeffrey Smith about the dangers of GM foods. Jeffrey Smith is a big advocate against GM foods at IRT, ( Institute for Responsible Technology) which is also an important resource to learn more.

SO...learn about this and how dangerous it is for you and the environment and try to help stop this the president! There is a number and set up on the Food Democracy Now team website that tells you the number and what to can make a difference!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is an article about vaccines, the neurological damage that can be attributed to the mercury in them, as well as the true efficacy of the HPV vaccine and more...VERY IMPORTANT.

This article by Dr. Mercola gives studies linking different vaccines to different issues....

Let's hold hands.

"I want to hold hands with you. Just that. Holding hands. That's it. It's so simple, so kind, and so safe. Why are we so scared to reach out and hold onto someone?"

"Let's hold hands."


Saturday, January 22, 2011

yummy breakfast.

For breakfast this morning I alkalized my body by drinking a greens powder, I prefer HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral is the best stuff out there in my opinion.
Then I had a delicious combination of Garlic Kraut (from Gold Mine Naturals) with some hemp seeds on top. Sounds weird I know, but so delicious. And, The kraut is definitely worth the money. We bought a 6 pack to get a discount and I am loving this kraut.

Hemp Seeds are an amazing food. They are a complete protein source and contain a large amount of omega, 3, 6, and 9 (several more times omega 3's than any fish) and have a whole host of other nutrients. People eat a serving of these and say that they are booming with energy all day and have no hunger cravings.

Kraut is wonderful to eat because of its amazing probiotics from fermentation. It is a great food for the good bacteria in your digestive tract and will help balance out your inner eco system.


"You know what a boiling frog is, don't you? If you tried to put a frog into boiling water it'd jump right out. If you sat it in cold water and heated it, it'd stay there, not realising it was getting too hot. Well, my love.
Ask yourselves if you are a boiling frog in any area of your life? If there's part of your life you were just handed would you have jumped away from it? But as it's slowly crept up on you, you don't notice it's destructive force? There's always time to make that leap."

via Shazzie Speaks

mysterious bird deaths...not so mysterious.

So, all of those birds that were dropping from the sky in the U.S. that caused such fears as a coming apocalypse to widespread disease, was actually just the government. This article gives details of the recent bird deaths and this article gives details of other animals that have been poisoned by the government.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

save the bees!

Everyone should be part of this site to receive there emails, but if not, here is another good cause to be apart of and have your voice heard.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day.

To me there is something about snow that is so peaceful. I feel like this white fluff that covers everything causes the whole world to just freeze in time. It makes us all pause and take a break from our routine, which is exceptionally true in North Carolina, where a drop of snow shuts down schools, businesses, and causes a frenzy in the grocery store.

It is the way the snow covers everything that we are used to seeing and opens our eyes to a new world that is completely white and glowing, it is truly Pure.


Take a break from your day, your routine. Pause, and enjoy the serenity and the stillness that a snow day can bring.

Then, go play!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

precious piglet.

May you find the perfect diet for your soul.
(If this face doesn't make you want to stop eating sausage, nothing will.)