Friday, January 28, 2011

GM alfalfa...IMPORTANT

If you have no already joined the email list for Food Democracy Now! you may not know that there has been a lot of work going into stopping the government from allowing GM alfalfa to be unregulated as it would undermine organic farming and also cause so many other risks, which you may read about here, in an ARTICLE from Mike Adams at Natural News.

I highly recommend that you become educated on things such as this by joining the Food Democracy Now! team and reading yet another article shared on Natural News from Jeffrey Smith about the dangers of GM foods. Jeffrey Smith is a big advocate against GM foods at IRT, ( Institute for Responsible Technology) which is also an important resource to learn more.

SO...learn about this and how dangerous it is for you and the environment and try to help stop this the president! There is a number and set up on the Food Democracy Now team website that tells you the number and what to can make a difference!!

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