Friday, June 18, 2010

i miss costa rica, entonces...


So I have really really been missing Costa Rica; my families there, my american and costa rican friends, and just everything about the mindset and life there. Everyone cares so much about nature and the pristine beauty around them. They are so passionate about their families, and no matter what is going on, nothing is more important than spending as much time as possible with their loved ones. Money and material things might be nice, but they would rather not have as much stuff, because it means less distractions and less time spent away from the home making money for these distractions. I love the lives there and just the love and PURA VIDA lifestyle they live by. When they speak, everything is BEAUTIFUL, PURE LIFE, AMAZING, FANTASTIC...we never speak like this here. They talk about family gatherings, which includes everyone in their lives, not just blood, and talk about how beautiful it is for everyone to be together. It is just so sweet and reassuring to know that there are people like this in the world who love so much.

In memory of my amazing semester spent in Costa Rica and the amazing tortillas that our mothers would make us and our teachers taught us to make, I taught the kids I babysat to make them today. It's super easy and fun and though it may not be the healthiest choice, whole foods and homemade foods are always a fairly good option.

maseca corn masa mix, or just look for some corn flour
warm water
sea salt

add the sea salt to your liking and the water until you get a thick mixture that is still fairly wet, you'll know when you're doing it. Then grab a ball place it on a plastic wrap and push it out with your palms into a circle. The Costa Rican's have a very distinct way of doing this, but i usually end up using my fingertips.  Then just fry it with some olive oil!

We also made some salsa to go with it, which is super simple and quick to make. And there isn't a reason to make it more difficult because it kicks any other salsa's ass in flavor, especially canned salsa's. 

chop up
    throw in some sea salt
    squeeze in some lime
    chop some fresh garlic if you want

and you're done! it is literally so easy and so fresh and all of the ingredients can be bought at a local farmers market right now which is awesome! I could eat just a bowl of this as a meal, maybe add a few chickpeas to it!

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