Friday, June 25, 2010

cuts and bruises were super cool.

Actually, they still are, but remember when you were younger and you would fall of your bike and get a sweet cut? Actually, bad example, that might make you feel nerdy. Remember when a boy would have a crazy cut and you would be like oh my gosh how did you get that, and he of course was so ready to tell an intense story about some sick skateboarding  trick? Well I was just thinking about all the scars from soccer and rollerblading and even my chickenpox scar and how they are so beautiful. Some people hate their scars and want them to go away, but what's better than having a cool conversation about it, or just the fact that it is part of your past and part of you in such a permanent way. Even if it was just a bike ride down the street, it has made its mark visible forever. 

This is a picture of a formation of a sick ass scar i received in Costa Rica. Thanks for leaving your mark Cabo Blanco!

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