Friday, July 30, 2010

we all want something beautiful.

Every single person on this earth wants to be loved. Every single person longs for love everyday or is overcome in joy in finding it. Maybe that's why it makes us so crazy; it's overwhelming to find and have that one thing you've spent all this time looking for, what do you do now that you have it? We spend time second guessing, over thinking, and just placing noise in this pure emotion. Why not just embrace this powerful and beautiful force?
Then again, it's knowing that something is so absolutely powerful that scares us. Though we spend so much time thinking, hoping, dreaming, praying for love, we are afraid to love. We all want it, but we're so afraid to give it away. Maybe we should stop worrying about every detail that goes with love and just appreciate it. Appreciate the fact that it can turn your world upside down and never let fear stop you from falling. Let yourself go and don't hold back.

What truly nutso thing have you done for love?

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