Monday, July 26, 2010

today was a fairytale

My first car was a 96 Land Cruiser, "The LC," and basically the love of my life. This car has been through it, between whoever the previous owner was, my mom, my brother, and then finally me. Of course, she still looked lovely through it all until a summer at the beach with the brother. I would say that's when she started looking just a tad bit worn. Not that she hadn't had some troubles before then; with rain pouring in through an open sunroof, a series of bumps and scrapes on the bumpers, thank you Sean Butler, and just time.
When I received the car I got a new radio, speakers, and a sub because if you know the lc, she has a bit of gangsta in her. There was nothing better than driving down the road blaring some rap and having the sickest bass in town. It certainly brought attention to her, which she surely liked. Before the bass she had this issue with the horn, which was probably known all around town. You would be driving down the road and the lc would just start honking wildly. There were definitely weird looks and some creepy ones too from people who thought you were honking cause you thought they were cute, ha. To end this hilarious segment of the lc's life, the horn had to be cut, so now she only makes a very odd scratchy beeping noise when you use the horn.
Some of my best memories involve the lc and road trips, but unfortunately she couldn't come to school with me and when it came time to need a car being so far away from home, my parents felt I needed something more reliable. In my opinion, nothing is more reliable than the lc who has driven me all over the place since I was around 8 or 9 years old.
Well, we bought an x terra, the sex and I began driving her to school, but something is certainly missing. I always look forward to coming home and jumping in the lc, which is what I have done all summer. There is also the plus that the lc has a radio unlike the sex, though the speakers were never quite put in right. Something has happened with the radio in the sex and it has yet to be solved. Needless to say, my love remains with the LC and every time that I drive a different car I just feel like I'm cheating.
I haven't been able to drive the lc for a week because she's had a trailer on the back to pick up belongings in chapel hill, so sad. So, I have gone back to the sex, and though I hate to talk smack about her, it's just not the same. The one thing about driving the x terra is not having a radio. As I have been driving around it has been so weird without a radio, but also kind of a nice break. I find myself singing random songs loudly to no music, taking quiet time for myself, or just thinking about anything and everything.
I've always thought we needed times where we just had to be quiet, with no distractions, to just be alone with ourselves. It is a great place to be when you can just be with yourself, for even a short period of time and not feel alone; to feel safe and comfortable, content, in our own bodies. It really tests you and makes you see or feel what you are missing or what you feel like you are missing. It makes you face the fears or judgements you have for yourself and face them head on.

Cilantro Smoothie
1/2 head cilantro
1 peach
liquid light
1 1/2 tsp bee pollen
2 tbsps goji berries
1 tbsp flax seeds

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