Monday, July 19, 2010

my body amazes me.

We all have issues with our body, whether it's our arms, thighs, love handles, or whatever else we find with our critical eye to not be absolutely perfect. We work so hard to fix all of these issues that we have with ourselves, but why aren't we happy with the way we are right now. To me, our bodies are so perfect and miraculous. They do all of these amazing things throughout the day, whether we are sitting, running, sleeping, or eating, our bodies are functioning in such amazing ways. I have issues with myself just like everyone else, but I learn to love myself for the way I am right now more and more everyday.

Look at yourself, your imperfections, your brilliant beauty, and send love to every piece of yourself. Stop looking with a critical eye and look in awe at the amazement that is before you.

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