Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ice cream for breakfast.

First of all this picture is adorable, but in reference to ice can be healthy enough to eat for breakfast!

My favorite ice cream substitute is extremely extremely simple... a frozen banana.
I am not joking... the texture and flavor are like eating vanilla ice cream to me

Now, you can also have a little more fun and make sorbet's with berries or a flavored "ice cream" by blending simply frozen berries with a touch of water. Or take frozen bananas and raw cacao, mesquite, or carob ( or all three! ) and blend it up with some almond milk or butter. You really can enjoy the taste and texture of ice cream while still being healthy, so EAT ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST! and share it with someone, because that's just sweet.

but don't forget that if you truly love ice cream and this just doesn't do it for you then GO FOR IT, just don't do it too often and make sure it has simple ingredients, or go with frozen yogurt.

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