Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Mind of an Eating Disorder

What is your relationship with food?

Do you feel you have a healthy relationship with food, or are there areas that you could work on? Do you listen to your body? To your hunger cues?

Do you obsess over every calorie and macronutrient that you consume?

So many people suffer with eating disorders, even beyond anorexia and bulimia. While these are severe and life threatening diseases, there are other eating disorders. An unhealthy relationship with food, in my opinion, is an eating disorder. I think we all suffer with eating too much occasionally, but how does this affect our mood, our inner thoughts, or our opinion of ourselves?

I am going to do a series of posts over the next few weeks that delve into eating habits, whether healthy or unhealthy, and look at peoples relationship with food. I will obviously draw a lot from my own experiences and my relationship with food, but I will also look into poetry and literature from people who have suffered with eating disorders.

My main goal is to use art to portray different emotions associated with foods. I will do sketches, write, and create a few completed pieces of artwork that tell a story about different relationships with food.

this picture is from EveryBody is Beautiful's Facebook page, go there for inspiration on having a healthy relationship with yourself and loving the body you were given!

I admit that I sometimes have an unhealthy relationship with food and can have negative self talk based on what I have eaten and food can play a large part in my moods. I will delve more into moods associated with foods in my future posts.

Throughout my "study," I hope to look at ways to heal our relationship with food. I think our society has become very detached from our food, which plays a role in eating disorders. Being able to connect more with our food and listen to our bodies is extremely important to creating a healthy relationship with food and a healthy relationship with ourselves. Food is fuel and should be used to nourish our bodies, but we seem to have made it more about comfort, sadness, control, a way to celebrate, social, and many other different things. While food should be delicious and appealing and enjoyed, it should be appreciated for its ability to provide energy and nourishment to our bodies.

Nourish your body, your mind, your environment, and most importantly your soul.

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