Sunday, March 13, 2011

Body Ecology Diet.

I am really into the philosophy of the Body Ecology Diet that Donna Gates shares. I have been listening to a lot of interviews that she has done and reading about her products. Everything she says resonates with me on a high level . The benefits of fermented foods is documented in the health of people in other countries who have this as a large part of their cultures. This philosophy focuses on high amounts of fermented foods to boost the good flora in our guts which prevents the growth of bad. There is a lot of research showing that all diseases begin from an overgrowth of bad bacteria which may begin in our guts. It is also documented that controlling this bad bacteria and restoring our bodies to an alkaline environment with only good bacteria like those found in fermented foods and probiotics reverses diseases. If we do not provide an environment for diseases or illnesses to live, then they will cease to live.

This is the focus of The Body Ecology Diet and I think it is one that everyone should think about. It focuses on a whole food diet rich in vegetables and lacking in processed foods, but it does not restrict the diet in any way. There is a place for those who eat meat, those who eat dairy, vegetarians, vegans...The focus of the diet is to eat 80% vegetables at every meal and then the other 20% is your choice, the 80% rule also means to only eat until you are 80% full. I like this "diet," but what I just like to call lifestyle because it is not so restricting. I think it is very important to implement raw foods into your diet, but 100% or even 80% isn't for everyone. This lifestyle emphasizes raw foods and greens, but not in an overbearing or restricting way.

There are a few things on the website that I am very interested in, such as their LIVING, TRULY organic coconut water as well as the Coco Biotic which is a fermented beverage. They also sell a Veggie Culture Starter, which I think is great because you know the bacteria that is going into your ferment and are only breeding good bacteria.

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