Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sit somewhere new.

Isn't it bizarre how we always look for the closest parking spaces, even at the gym? Ironic.

Isn't it odd that even when we don't have assigned seats in a class, we go to the same seat every day? Isn't it odd that if we find someone sitting in our usual seat we are confused and don't know what to do and think, hey, that's my seat. What makes that seat our property or our place?

It's just very strange to me that as humans we are so set in our ways or just need consistency. Whenever I park in a different area of the parking lot at the gym, it just feels weird, I feel slightly disoriented, why? I always choose to go the same seat without even thinking about it and don't know what to do if someone else has chosen "my" seat.

Just something I've been thinking about and been trying to stray from. I've been trying to sit in different areas, drive a different way to the store, park in different areas, hang out in different areas of my house, just be somewhere different and do something different, I think it's very stimulating for the mind.

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