Monday, September 19, 2011

what do you want...

Write It Down.

The Secret opened people up to the idea that if you make visualization boards and write down what you want it will be attracted to you. It is the law of attraction. This is something that I began doing and I really spell out exactly what I want.

I was looking back at something that I wrote, a list of qualities that I felt I deserved in a guy. Not only traits, but even my own shallow desires of looks. It is so bizarre to look back at that and realize that somehow my list was fulfilled. Tall, tan, muscular...hahah....but more importantly ambitious, intelligent, treats me like a princess, and there is so much trust and comfort.


Spell out to yourself exactly what it is you want and hopefully you will find that it enters your life.

Thanks Wilmington, Calculus, Shiva Kumar Saksena, and the math lab.

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