Monday, June 13, 2011

be brave.

We all have people in our lives who are very important to us. They make us happy, they make us sad, they make our lives worth living. They are part of our souls and part of what makes life so beautiful. I cherish these people and the people who have given me a part of their heart and life as well. These are the people who you trust and admire so much, that you have truly let them become apart of you. You might not feel whole without them, or you might ache when they ache. This is what makes life living.

Then there are those people who for some reason have this 'power' without being in your life for very long. They aren't supposed to make you feel so happy, or have the ability to make you so sad. Do they even know that they can make you cry? Do you have the same affect with them? It is almost unnerving that they are allowed to be a puppet over your emotions when they haven't earned this privilege. Is this a sign of our weakness, or of bravery and strength?

I always say that we are in control of our own emotions and that we shouldn't let others affect how we feel, but is that really the best mantra? Isn't that playing it safe? The scary part of life is letting people so far in that they can hurt you, but they can also make you inexplicably happy. We are in charge of our emotions and happiness. Yet, it is risking our steady emotions and letting someone else be apart of them that is truly brave and worth commending. It is a risk. It can hurt. We know the strength it takes to let someone in, so when someone does the same, be gentle and kind, know that it is beautiful and courageous of them, and act with your heart.

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