Monday, August 30, 2010


As humans that are socialized we all pass judgements whether we mean to or not. We group people by the way they look, whether it be clothes, skin color, etc., the way they talk, the sports they play, where they go to school, and so on....

This semester I am attending a community college for a multitude of reasons that made it necessary and worthwhile to spend the semester at home. I have this pre conceived notion about everyone else attending that is extremely unfair and just terrible of me, but in all honesty it's how I feel. I know I am only going to be here a semester and decided before I ever began that I wasn't going to make any friends or socialize because I go to "real" college. I am desperately trying to squash this mindset and changing the way I think. I don't know why these people are going to the community college, if it be money issues, personal issues, a later realization of how important school is.....I mean I am there too and we are all choosing to better our education.

The point is that when you realize that you are passing judgements about people, step back and try to think of a better way to use your thoughts and think of what judgements people could be passing about you that aren't true.

Being into health I think it is very easy for us to pass judgement on people we see eating unhealthy things. I try to remind myself that some people really don't know that what they're doing is bad for their body and also it's their choice if they want to eat/drink something. There are also times when I allow myself something that I wouldn't usually eat, so how do I know this isn't their one rule breaker. For me, it's with soda. For some reason I just get really grossed out by soda, and many of you can guess why. I am just trying to break these habits and be honest with myself and others about having them so that maybe you can realize the judgements you're passing and if they are really beneficial to your well being.

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